Marin Gutter Doctors Solar Panel Cleaning

Gutter Doctors
Po Box 427
Mill Valley CA 94942
Tel: 415-299-2808

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Gutter Doctors' Solar Panel Cleaning is able to access those difficult to reach panels on your roof or ground mounts. The approach we use is a fiberglass extension pole that has a max extension of 18 feet. On the end of this extension pole, is a rotating 6 inch round soft bristle brush head. This system is tied into a pressure washer that allows the rotating brush head to spin freely at low PSI to provide the necessary agitation to remove bird droppings, tree sap, city soot, lichen , mildew and moss deposits. This type of system allows us to work safely and effectively to bring more energy back intoyour investment. Heavily soiled PV modules can experience up to 25% loss of output due to front surface soiling. With a cleaning you can receive up to 3% to 25% back on your PV module.

Service The Follwing Systems

  • Fixed Ground Mounts 
  • Fixed Roof Mounts
  • Tracking Solar Mounts
  • 5k to 8k
  • 8k to 10k
  • Greater then 10k
  • Residential & Commercial

Having regular solar panel cleanings will maintain your investment and manufacturer's warranty (normally 25 years). Now is the perfect time of the year to clean your solar panels to receive their optimum performance. For pricing please contact our office.



Liability Insurance $1,000,000 United Specialty Ins Co